Inventions And Innovations

New physics and scientific technology break-throughs that can lead to novel solutions. These are inventions and designs we, and/or our peers and associates, are researching or working on "in the lab" for future innovations.

"When I invent a solution it has to: 1.) solve a global problem, 2.) be a 10X improvement over the current way of solving the problem, 3.) have a one billion dollar+ market potential after commercialization, 4.) pass a global database survey proving that nobody has suggested that solution before, 5.) have superior metrics (ie: faster, smaller, longer lasting, less costly to make, safer, etc.) compared to old-school solutions, and meet other related criteria. My team always protects part of each technology with trade secrets..."

"I launch a start-up company around each idea and offer it to the market. If an evil tech oligarch copies it and runs opposition campaigns and anti-trust violating tactics, my team reports them to the FBI, SEC, FTC and other agencies and we make sure that their ill-gotten profits from our inventions, comes with a high brand cost..."