In 1975, Serra Residential Center was founded as a service unit of the National Benevolent Association, the health and human services arm of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  The agency, designed as a model peer living center aimed at integrating adults with developmental disabilities into the community, opened its doors on an exclusive 3 acre campus with a private drive located in the foothills of Mission San Jose in Fremont. Initially, the services provided were Community Care Residential Facilities housing 12 individuals, along with an on-site Day Time Activity Center, DTAC, which promoted educational and employment development.Recognizing that there were few choices in service options for the vast developmentally disabled population, in 1983 Serra Center became vendorized with the Regional Center of the East Bay to provide community based Independent Living Services. With the trend for services in California moving away from large facility based care towards small, individualized supported living arrangements, in 1992 Serra Center began providing Supported Living Services, as well as working toward the conversion of our large residential care facilities to smaller Intermediate Care Homes. Licensed by the California Department of Health Services, the conversion of these facilities offered an opportunity for individuals who require 24-hour, intensive care, to receive this care in a residential based, versus a facility based environment.By 1996, Serra Center had fulfilled its destiny. With the sale of the exclusive property that once housed our residential care facilities, the agency became fully inclusive to the community by relocating our residential care facilities to residential homes throughout Fremont, focusing on providing services that integrated adults with developmental disabilities into the community.


For over 42 years, Serra Center has been committed to providing compassionate care for individuals with developmental disabilities. We currently serve more than 80 men and women in our community-based Residential Care Homes, Independent and Supported Living Services. The individuals served live in more than 65 traditional and accessible homes and apartments in residential neighborhoods throughout Alameda County.

Looking toward the future, Serra Center continues to strive for greater levels of independence and choice for people with developmental disabilities.