INVENTION: Quantum Entanglement Engineering Is Already Here... AND IT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Our lab work has produced exciting results in a field of research dealing with Quantum Entanglement optimization. What is it?

Managed synronicity is now controllable.

The double-slit experiment shows that photons act both as waves and as particles, but it also suggests that a single photon passes through both slits at the same time, a phenomenon called superposition. This reveals new information about how energy, communications and gravity can be steered to do remarkable things.

The most amazing aspect of QE is that it has existed, everywhere, for millions of years. No factories are needed to make it. No hardware is needed to use it and no special interest cartel can ever control. It is the most universally accessible "technology" in the universe. Everybody already has some. It is everywhere. Every physicist has proven that it exists and we are currently only using .05% of it's potential!

Want to see how powerful your brain is? Read this: Brain Electricity and the Mind.pdf

Can you power a cell-less, battery-free, cell phone with your brain energy? 

Imagine a communications device that can reach anywhere on Earth, can't be censored and is just a sticker the size of a quarter. Let's take a look:


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