THE EDGE: Quantum Entanglement Engineering Is Already Producing Next-Generation Technologies...Wait Until You See What We Have In The Works...

Our lab work has produced exciting results in a field of research dealing with QE. What is it?

Managed synronicity is now controllable.

The double-slit experiment shows that photons act both as waves and as particles, but it also suggests that a single photon passes through both slits at the same time, a phenomenon called superposition. This reveals new information about how energy, communications and gravity can be steered to do remarkable things.

Want to see how powerful your brain is? Read this: Brain Electricity and the Mind.pdf

Can you power a cell-less, battery-free, cell phone with your brain energy? 

Imagine a communications device that can reach anywhere on Earth, can't be censored and is just a sticker the size of a quarter. Let's take a look:



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