The CIA-B is a low-weight, ballistic membrane Car-In-A-Bag:

- The system can be air dropped from a helicopter, small airplane or drone for emergency, rescue and tactical operations

- It gets the best MPG of any vehicle because of it's low weight, ballistic fabric membrane structure and minimal drive components

- The United States Government issued a U.S. Federal Patent on this seminal technology:


 The vehicles were built and can be deployed by any size aircraft:


Our lightest weight version of the vehicle could be carried by one person when packed:


Medium-lift drones can even deliver the packed vehicle to a battle-field or rescue site:


A key part of our proprietary invention involves using rigid foam, with a plastic coating, like you now find in a modern bumper, for safety rigidity and weight reduction:


Airbag technology, proven in aircraft and consumer cars, was used to reduce weight:


Do you think air can't be tough? Here is a military test with a simple tube of air holding up a real all-metal SUV:


Even FORD MOTORS copied our technology and sent one of their staff into our project to conduct industrial surveillance:



Scott proposed the air-bag landing system for the Mars Lander:



These engineers are walking on the wing of an airplane that is made out of air and membrane! That is how tough a properly engineered air pressure membrane can be:


Pressure membranes worked on mars, under the sea, in white water rapids, on the battle-field, in orbit around the Earth and on our highways: