RESUME HIGHLIGHT: Inventor, Designer: One Of The Most Fuel-Efficient, Longest Range Electric Cars In History

With support from the Federal Government, major industry partners and an incredible engineering team, Scott invented, developed, designed and engineered a car, and chassis system, that:

  • Slow-Damps crashes so that the occupant is safer than in a crash in any other vehicles
  • Can drive from San Francisco to Washington, DC without stopping to refuel via fuel cassettes
  • Has the best torque/body weight/efficiency ratio
  • Costs less to sell, buy, manufacture, upkeep and repair than any other vehicle
  • Costs less to fuel than any other vehicle
  • Had military and civic fleet configurations for specialized markets
  • Had a version that could be air-dropped, via small plane, for emergency rescue situations

Scott was awarded Congressional commendations, industry acclaim, federal funds. The car received the largest number of customer orders and inquiries of any new electric vehicle company at the time.


  • 12 HydrogenAsFuel.pdf
  • AFGHAN LITHIUM SCAM: countering_the_anti-hydrogen_trolls_and_shills_1-21.pdf
  • HowItWorks-Fuel-Cell-Booklet.pdf
  • Meet_Our_PEM-Electric_Cars.pdf
  • Navy__reversible__clean_energy_fuel_cell_storage_system.pdf
  • toyota_fuel_cell_Now.m4v



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