RESUME HIGHLIGHT: Inventor, Developer, Program Lead For Sony Pictures Vue

What proves that Scott created the first products and technologies that Sony Pictures deployed for online web media for Sony Vue, Sony Movielink, Sony VR, and Sony Playstation?

  • The patents
  • The patent filings held by the United States Patent Office
  • The patent sale communications between Sony Pictures and AT&T/DirecTV for the sale of IP
  • The emails
  • The voicemails
  • The signed NDA's
  • The Sony marketing boss's statements at the movie industry events (recorded)
  • The hack of Sony Pictures by North Korea
  • Other lawsuit data against Sony as seen on
  • Surveillance data
  • The contracts between Sony & Scott
  • The materials with Sony VP fingerprints and DNA on it
  • The recording of the all-hands board meeting at Sony HQ that Scott presented at
  • The statements of Sony contractors and employees
  • The leaked internal emails of Sony Pictures
  • and more...


Author: TEAM1

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