Meet The Guy That 'Builds The Future'

By Thomas Brown


"...His technologies and programs are long-game solutions designed to alter the course of global social development and opportunity for the betterment of all.

A ten to fifteen year operations plan is run-of-the-mill for him when he and his team have to slow drip and seed a technology, or new solution, into populations and nations around the globe.

For example, to get everybody onto this new thing called "the internet", he designed, built, launched, patented and deployed the first full-screen video and music on demand network, for which he received written White House commendations, extensive seminal federal patent awards as "First-To-Invent" and the verification that Google copied his technology, business model and architecture to build YouTube! It worked! Movies and music drew most of the main-stream global population to the web and history has proven that he started the ball rolling on global public transparency via equally shared information.

His roots are basic. As a kid he was a cowboy and played with Amish kids and farmer's children. He has always given a percentage of his time and assets to charity and community service annually. He is usually helping many different community service groups, concurrently, in the areas of digital human rights, medical research, education, anti-corruption and animal rescue centers.

Congress awarded him a multi-million dollar Congressional citation in the Federal Register to build America’s next solution for a major national energy back-up need. He and his team completed the project on budget and on time.

You will have heard of the projects he has worked on but he tends to stay behind-the-scenes and avoids any social media presence. He has built well known items featured in famous feature films and TV series. His projects have been in many magazine articles.

He has produced some of the largest public events, including The Bay To Breaker's Footstock Concerts, The NowHouse, Lights, and he ran the logistics for the San Francisco Blues Festival. He has hundreds of letters of reference from well known media, political and tech personalities.

On a more colorful front: He is the first person to proxy sue White House staff for corruption, via a first-ever complex proxy tort lawsuit, and WIN! He dated two famous Washington DC personalities. He sued Google for corruption and anti-trust attacks (Google spent over $30M trying to attack him) against him and the general public and supports over 60 federal investigations into Google's practices. In addition to his tech track record, he has top white collar crime law enforcement investigator credentials. His Team bankrupted the media tabloid that organized some of the online character assassinations, that were contracted as whistle-blower reprisals by political oligarchs, against him. The new Ronan Farrow book: "Catch and Kill" and the new feature film: "The Current War" describe incidents he has experienced. The 60 Minutes news segments called: "Congress trading on insider information" and "The Cleantech Crash" describe incidents he provided support for to the FBI, FTC and Congress.

Because his inventions are "disruptive" technologies, business monopoly cartels sometimes try to blockade him. They have always found that approach to be a mistake, though. He is also a credentialed law enforcement specialist who produces FBI 302-report drafts, FTC anti-trust complaints and sometimes gets a billionaire, or two, to finance massive counter-measures public interest federal lawsuits against those kinds of anti-trust violators. Sometimes, when a competitor, who has decided to cheat rather than compete, copies his technology, he dumps all of the source code, parts suppliers links and construction plans on the web in order to "open-source" the technology and wipe out the thief who stole it. It costs over a million dollars in legal fees to sue each infringer and anti-trust violator. It is sometimes cheaper and easier to just put them out of business via law enforcement optimization. Investors often approach him to finance his litigation in exchange for a perecentage of the court awards.

He has dozens of seminal issued federal patents as inventor-of-record and Sony mentions him and his team by name in their patents which were sold to AT&T/DirecTV. Billions of people use technologies that the federal patent office has certified that he invented before anyone else has. He has one of the highest standards ratings, of a living domestic inventor, at the U.S. Patent Office

He is neither a Democrat nor a Republican and reports, as a bi-partisan adviser, to the United States Congress, the European Union and other federal agencies on tech, security, anti-trust law and anti-corruption law. He developed a popular political bribery interdiction system which has had a tremendous success rate. Giving equally resourced lawyers and forensic CPA's his technologies have been proven to have out-performed those of every competitor. Bill Gates, The White House and Facebook have poached his top staff from his start-ups, so there is reason to think his project teams are potent.

He has won multiple national industry awards and he has a very high IQ but he is also numerically dyslexic and had to create his own organic math system.

He has created, launched and sold multiple start-up companies. Among some of his ventures he built an off-grid, high tech Glamper RV system that used the same insulation as that used by the Space Station. He produced two famous national demonstration homes that were on reality TV shows and is often involved in modern building projects. He built a massive digital peer-to-peer mesh networked global open-source public news network. He built The first disaster recovery mobile App technologies for the Loma Prieta Earthquake and Japanese Tsunami disaster efforts and Steve Jobs personally helped the project. A recent federal hearing at the U.S. Patent Office confirmed the fact that he built the first online social network before Yahoo or Mark Zuckerberg did.

He has been on network TV news many times as a spokesperson for background on news topics.

While some have referred to him as the other "most interesting man in the world", he just thinks of himself as an ordinary person who has done well at accepting extraordinary challenges. He says that "anybody can do" what he does if they just put their mind to it. While his story sounds incredible, I personally verified all of these facts. They were proven to me by existing TV news videos, photo-documentation, contract records, emails, magazine articles, newspaper articles, patent records, Congressional records, Federal court records and other hard evidence.

His latest interests range from quantum entanglement amplifiers for communications sharing and CRISPR-CAS9 processes for medical development..."